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5 E-mail accounts included

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Plans and Options

All dial-up plans feature:

  • Nationwide Dial-up Internet Access 
  • Easy pay signup lets you choose which payment method works best for you! You can choose to use a credit card, mail in payments or pay at area Customer Care Centers throughout the country!  What ever works best to fit your needs. (not all payment methods available with all service plans) 
  • 56k v.90 on all ports for the fastest connections possible
  • 56k v.92 on thousands of ports across the nation
    • 8 Networks to choose from, Unrivaled flexibility in access number choice.
      Different networks may serve different cities. There is no difference in the quality of service among the various networks, so you should pick the Network with the most local numbers that service the city you need.

    • Includes 5 email accounts accessible through POP3, IMAP or our webmail client, so you can send and receive mail from any browser.
    • True nationwide access, over 37,000 local dialup numbers that covers approximately 30,000 cities and towns!
    • Customer service and Technical Support that is actually handled by a Human being, not a machine. All customer inquires are handled by a real live person, all the time!
    • We DO NOT force you to view advertising of any kind! No Banners, No Ad's, No Pop-ups!
    • Instant Access Via Our On-line Sign-up Wizard
    • 10 megs of personal web space available.
    • IM compatible with all major Instant Messaging services.

    National Dial-Up Plans
    (Same Low Price For Everyone - As Low as $9.95 Per Month)

    Network Costs (Monthly)
    A-Q $9.95

    Add Propel for only $4.00 a month more.

    *For PC users we have a one-step configuration wizard which you can download from our web site and set up your dial up networking and email box in seconds! We also support MAC and LINUX users as well through phone support.

    Do you still have questions?

      Is there a free trial period?
      How do I get connected once I sign up?
      What if I don't like the service can I get my money back? 
      What is supported and what isn't? 

    Then visit our FAQ's page for answers to these and other questions. is committed to providing our supporters with the best possible internet experience available.